Establishing a secure Internet nation for business, ecommerce, and life.

Separation of the physical and digital citizen.
Over the course of human events, technology transforms society. Such is the case and the distinction between the physical and digital self. When, in the face of this transformation, it becomes necessary for one people to rise above the political constraints that have hampered their security, their privacy, and their economic well-being; they must defend themselves. It requires them to take peaceful actions to safeguard these liberties that world nations either cannot or will not defend.
percent of Americans affected by cyber attacks
seconds between ransomware attacks
Americans that have been identity thefted
percent of breaches due to human error


Were a foreign army to physically attack citizens, infrastructure, or industry, a military response to protect them would be expected. But in reality, we are all under attack. Not physically, but digitally, and with no protection in sight. Those attacks are coming from nation states, organized crime, as well as disgruntled insiders, while the constraints and limitations of our current governments, leave us all vulnerable. Regarding cyberspace, nations are unable to provide for our common defense, we must take it upon ourselves.

Therefore, we propose to establish safer digital enclave. To establish a secure Internet nation for business, ecommerce, and life. A confederation of individuals and organizations that willingly participate in an online community that actively and consistently takes steps to secure and defend our personal privacy, data, and infrastructure.


To achieve that vision, we must first agree on the reference architecture(s) that can meet our intended outcomes. And that architecture must allow for the secured, but free flow of information inside Cyberlandia and the protected exchange of data to and from Cyberlandia. The goal is the transfer of data that meets with all significant worldwide security frameworks.

The second milestone will be to gain the involvement of the security vendors that would make Cyberlandia possible. These foundational vendors would participate in a proof-of-concept that, at scale, will provide for them a new and profitable market. For the citizens and organizations of Cyberlandia, an affordable path to cyber security is the benefit.


If you are interested in joining us on this journey, or just learning more, please let us know by opting into our community.

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What’s the driver behind Cyberlandia?

We are losing the war in cyber security. While major corporations and big governments struggle to keep up, individuals and smaller organizations have virtually no chance of adequately managing their digital risk, security, and privacy. Cyberlandia is intended to create a secure online enclave where it’s “citizens” are provided with a baseline of cyber security.

How can Cyberlandia expect to provide that level of protection?

As an online nation, Cyberlandia, like any nation, must create laws by which it’s citizens agree to be governed. It must provide and/or enable some sort of infrastructure in which those laws can operate and it must be able to enforce its laws.

Take for example the evolution of automobiles in society. Originally cars were little more than motors mounted on carriages, sharing a dirt road with horses. There were no “rules of the road”. But after traffic laws like speed limits, traffic lights, seat belts, and air bags were implemented, the benefits of faster and safer travel outweighed the “burden” of traffic laws.

We see a similar benefit in a consistent and enforced set of cyber security practices through which our citizens can trust that other citizens will act responsibly.

Isn’t the notion of an “online nation” a little far fetched?

The concept of a country that exists only on the Internet has been around for years.
And it has run into both legal and practical roadblocks.

But past incarnations have focused on the conventional view of a nation. We are focused on the “digital self” and the “digital organization”. Think of it as Cyberlandia offering dual citizenship between the physical and digital aspects of society. This approach actually has some legal standing and we have lawyers involved to see to what extent the concept can be pushed.

The strength, and perhaps the necessity, of enforcing secure behaviors online by both technological means and safe practices, is what we find missing in the world today.

Who is Cyberlandia looking for to help in this process?

We are looking for security architects and practitioners to help design reference architectures. We are looking to business people and entrepreneurs to drive the economics. We are looking for visionaries from every industry and every segment. We need people from education, government, large and small business, and organizations of every stripe. We are looking for foundational vendors willing to support this grand experiment. With a goal as ambitious as a universal level of cyber security, we need everybody.

How can I help?

Please start by letting us know your interested by going to our “Join/Contact” page and providing us with your contact information and in what aspect you’d like to participate. If for now you’d just like to be kept updated on our progress, that’s fine too.